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Pixio is the most affordable monitor brand for gaming enthusiasts.

Pixio is a gaming gear brand focused on creating high-quality and high-performance monitors at affordable prices.  Founded in Torrance, California, USA in 2016 and expanding to global locations. Focused on growing and becoming a part of the eSports community, we are constantly adapting, constantly evolving in order to provide our gamer's the tools to instill fear and conquer all adversaries.

Pixio UK is launched in Slough, United Kingdom in 2019 to better serve our valuable UK and EU customers.

Focused on growing and becoming a part of the eSports community, We here at Pixio wish to grow and constantly improve upon our quality, provide an ever-increasing variety of products, and be the gold standard in Quality for your gaming needs.

We work with you directly to stay competative and convinient

What does it mean to work with us directy?  
Between you and us as a brand manufacturer, there is no middle man.  You get to purchase from the brand, manufacturer, retailer and distributor all in one place.  Unlike other brands, where you will need to go through multiple steps in order to purchase, warranty, return or even get a simple answer to a simple response.  
By eliminating these unnecessary steps not only we are able to offer high quality and high performance monitors competatively but also can support you more conviniently and faster, because you are our number one priority.    

Ultimately, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy gaming with joy and we hope that you join us on this epic adventure to build a community that not only has a passion for Pixio but most importantly has a passion for gaming together.

Global Locations

U.S.A & Canada


Pixio USA Inc.

20100 South Western Ave

Torrance, CA 90501

U.K & E.U


Pixio Europe Ltd.
14 Clements Court, Clements Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2QY



Pixio Japan Inc.
2-14-14 Sato Building 2F, Midori,
Sumida-ku, Tokyo  〒130-0021


〒130-0021 東京都墨田区緑2-14-14 サトウビル2F

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